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Shandong E.Fine Pharmacy Co., Ltd. A new third board listed company. It's established in 2008. It is a professional manufacturer on research, development and production of Feed additives, fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates. The company locates in Linyi, covers an area of 77777 square meters. Our company as a Hi-tech enterprise, has strong technical force, and own independent research team and R&D Center in Jinan University. We have close cooperation with Jinan University, Shandong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities. Customized made high-tech products and Tech-transfer are also parts of our business. Our products are divided into three parts:...

Categories and Products

Feed Additives


95% Betaine HCL CAS 590-46-5 Additive CAS 107-43-7 98% anhydrous betaine effectiveness Anhydrous betaine 98% free sample available Methyl donor 75% anhydrous betaine CAS 107-43-7 Assay 40% compound betaine Assay 30% compound betaine Powder anhydrous betaine 98% poultry feed additive Feed additives Anhydrous betaine 96% Feed grade Betaine Hydrochloride 95% Betaine Hydrochloride 98% 98% 96% 95% Betaine Hydrochloride CAS 590-46-5 Betaine hydrochloride (HCL) CAS NO.590-46-5 offer COA CAS NO.107-43-7 Betaine anhydrous 98% 95% 70% grade 96% livestock attractant anhydrous betaine CAS 107-43-7 96% purity 590-46-5 betaine hydrochloride (HCL) COA Premix Compound betaine additive with free sample Aquatic attractant methyl carrier 30% Compound betaine Betaine Hydrochloride 95% CAS NO 590-46-5 Powder Betaine HCL 95% CAS NO 590-46-5 hydrochloride glycine betaine anhydours betaine CAS 107-43-7 98% datebase 


DMPT Dimethylpropiothetin CAS 4337-33-1 Best aquatic feed DMPT 98% DMPT 98% Feed additives for Shrimp Crab Aquatic attractant DMPT Dimethlpropiothetin 

Livestock Attractant

Feed Grade Tributyrin CAS RN:60-01-5 Butyric Acid Glycerol tributyrate CAS number 60-01-5 Tributyrin feature Livestock Feed Additives Betaine Anhydrous 98% In Crystal White Liquid Tributyrate Veterinary additive CAS:60-01-5 

Aquatic Attractant

Aquatic attractant dimethylthetin 98% DMT TMAO (Trimethylamine-N-oxide dihydrate 98%) feature Trimethlylamine Oxide Dihydrate CAS NO 62637-93-8 TMAO Anti-bacteria Aquatic Attractant 25% Garlicin Content 95% CAS 20642--05-1 Potassium Diformate TMAO CAS 62637-93-8 Trimethylamine-N-oxide dihydrate 98% Attractant DMPT Dimethylpropiothetin CAS NO.4337-33-1 Dimethlpropiothetin-DMPT CAS NO: 4337-33-1 COA Dimethlpropiothetin- DMPT CAS NO: 4337-33-1 additives DMT. Dimethylthetin. DMSA. Aquatic Attractant CAS:4727-41-7 Attractant 98%( DMT)Dimethylthetin CAS: 4727-41-7 HS code Garlicin. Garlic powder.25%.10%.15% Aquatic attractant Garlic Allicin 25% Garlicin Feed Grade Antibiotic premix Benzyl CAS NO.:593-81-7 Trimethylamine hydrochloride 98% 98% 62637-93-8 Trimethylamine-n-oxide dihydrate data sheet 98%-Trimethylamine N-Oxide. Dihydrate (TMAO) 62637-93-8-Trimethylamine N-Oxide Dihydrate MSDS Sheet CAS number 593-81-7 trimethylamine HCL 98% Feed grade 593-81-7 98% Trimethylamine hydrochloride(HCL) 98% Dimethyl-Beta-Propiothetin powder DMPT CAS :4337-33-1 

Antibiotic Alternative

Potassium diformate CAS 20642-05-1 98% formic acid Glycocyamine 98% CAS 352-97-6 Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) CAS 56-12-2 Glycocyamine 352-97-6 guanidinoacetic acid properties CAS NO 20640-05-1 Potassium diformate 98% COA available Feed additives CAS NO 20640-05-1 Potassium diformate 98% Pharmaceuticals 98% N-Guanylglycine CAS Number 352-97-6 CAS number 56-12-2 Y-Aminobutyric acid/C4H9NO2 56-12-2 Gamma-Aminobutyric acid(GABA) 99% effectiveness Feed Grade Potassium Diformate 98% Alternative Antibiotic Potassium Diformate 98% Antibiotic Alternatives Animal Feed Pig And Chicken Feed Additive Glycocyamine New Additives potassium diformate in Aquaculture New Additives potassium diformate 98% Feed Grade Potassium Diformate CAS: 20642-05-1 Feed-grade Allicin Garlicin 25% Powder Cholecalciferol CAS:67-97-0 feed additive vitamin d3 Bulk Stock Raw Material 67-97-0 Cholecalciferol Vitamin D3 Vitamin d3 crystal vitamin d3 powder Cholecalciferol 98% Feed Grade Antibiotic premix Garlic Allicin 25% 

Potassium Diformate

95% CAS 20642--05-1 Potassium Diformate Shrimp Feed Additive Potassium Diformate 20642-05-1 MSDS Piglet feed additives Potassium Diformate 96% FORMIC ACID/POTASSIUM SALT (2:1) CAS# 20642-05-1 Alternative Antibiotic Potassium Diformate 98% 

Tributyrin 95%, 90%

Tributyrin 95% provide energy rapid for pig Tributyrin 90% provide energy rapid for Cow Sheep 

Pharmaceutical Intermediates


Trimethyl ammonium chloride CAS 593-81-7 98% feed grade 98% purity 1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol CAS NO.96-23-1 Good price 3-chloro-1-2-propanediol CAS number 96-24-2 98% CAS NO.:96-23-1 2-Propanol '1'3-dichloro C3H6Cl2O 1.3-Dichloro-2-propanol 98% Glycerin. CAS NO 96-23-1 1,3-DICHLOROPROPAN-2-OL 98% CAS:96-23-1 COA certificate CAS NO 57090-45-6 R-3-Chloro-1.2-propanediol 98% CAS 57090-45-6 R-3-Chloro-1'2-propanediol-97% COA available Fine glycerin 96-23-1 1`3-Dichloro-2-propanol Industrial CAS 96-23-1 Dichloro glycerin Hazardous class Liquid industrial glycerin CAS 96-23-1 Dichloro glycerin Pharmaceutical intermediate 1-3-Dichloro-2-propanol 96-23-1 (±)-3-Chloro-1.2-propanediol glycerin liquid 1.3-Dichloro-2-propanol CAS NO 96-23-1 Glycerin 98% 


Ethyl 2-oxocyclopentanecarboxylate 95% CAS NO 611-10-9 2-methoxy carbonyl cyclopentanone 95% C7H10O3 97% 3-4-5-Trimethoxybenzyl alcohol CAS 3840-31-1 98% 3-(Methylamino)-1-phenyl-1-propanol CAS 42142-52-9 Good Quality Feed additives (R)-(-)-1-Phenyl-1-2-ethanediol Purity 4-Dimethylaminopyridine CAS NO.: 1122-58-3 Pharmaceutical intermediate 2-Methoxycarbonyl Cyclopentanone cyclopentanone 611-10-9 Pharmacuetical intermediate Chemical Organic Synthesis 2-Methoxy carbonyl cyclopentanone high quality 3-Hydroxy-N-methyl-3-phenyl-propylamine CAS 10472-24-9 2-Methoxy Carbonyl Cyclopentanone CAS No. 611-10-9 Ethyl 2-oxocyclopentanecarboxylate Price CAS No10472-24-9 2-methoxy carbonyl cyclopentanone 95% CAS10472-24-9 Methyl cyclopentanone-2-carboxylate Assay 95% 3-4-5-Trimethoxybenzyl alcohol 97% Content 

Oil Auxiliaries

Oil auxiliaries gemini quaternary ammonium salt Antifungal additives 90% oregano oil COA Chemical Auxiliary Cationic Etherifying Agent CAS 3327-22-8 Cationic Etherifying Agent /CTA Cationic Reagent CTA 69% 


N-Benzyl-4-piperidone CAS NO 3612-20-2 Purity ≥98% Content 98% R--3-Chloro-1.2-propanediol CAS NO.57090-45-6 Ethyl 2-oxocyclopentanecarboxylate 95% CAS NO 611-10-9 COA Intermediates 95% 2-ethoxycarbonylcyclopentanone 611-10-9 C6H11NO 97% 1-Methyl-4-piperidone 1445-73-4 HS code CAS 3612-20-2 N-Benzyl-4-piperidone 98% MSDS COA CAS NO.3612-20-2 chemical name 1-Benzyl-4-piperidone Pharmaceutical intermediate 1-Methyl-4-piperidone 1445-73-4 1-Methyl-4-piperidone 98% Pharmacuetical intermediate Medical Intermediate Chemicals CAS 3612-20-2 Piperdone R-3-Chloro-1.2-propanediol 98% pharmaceutical intermediate 

Pharmaceutical Intermediate

69% 3-Chloro-2-Hydroxypropyltrimethyl Ammonium Chloride Diludine CAS NO.1149-23-1 97% feed additives Trimethyl ammonium chloride 98% CAS 593-81-7 C3H10ClN Raw material Trimethly ammonium chlorde 98% CAS 593-81-7 CAS 96-24-2 3-Chloro-1,2-propanediol 98% CAS 96-24-2. 3-Chloro-1.2-propanediol 98% N-Methyl-4-piperidone 98% CAS NO.1445-73-4 CAS NO.3612-20-2 N-benzyl-4-piperidone liquid Monohydrate 4.4-piperidone hydrochloride CAS NO.40064-34-4 CAS number 611-10-9 2-Carbethoxycyclopentanone 95% CAS 10472-24-9 Methyl 2-cyclopentanonecarboxylate 95% Trimthyl ammonium chloride CAS NO. 593-81-7 Trimethylamine hydrochloride 98% CAS:593-81-7 TMA HCL 98% CAS NO.:96-24-2 1-chloro-2-3-dihydroxypropane 98% 4-piperidone monohydrate hydrochloride/CAS 40064-34-4 10472-24-9 - Methyl 2-oxocyclopentanecarboxylate 95% CAS 10472-24-9 methyl 2-oxocyclopentane-1-carboxylate 95% Carbomethoxycyclopentanone 10472-24-9 cyclopentane ≥95% Feed additive-Diludine 1149-23-1 98% Feed grade additives 1445-73-4 N-methyl-4-piperidone 98% 

Food Additives

Top quality Food Additive of calcium acetate Fine Chemical mildew preventive calcium propionate 4075-81-4 Calcium Acetate As Feed Mould Inhibitor Feed mould inhibitor calcium propionate 98% Factory Price CAS No:.4075-81-4 Calcium Propionate Feed additive 

Betaine Hcl

Feed Grade Additives Betaine Hydrochloride 98% White Crystal Powder Betaine Hcl 98% Poultry feed additives Betaine Hcl 95% Nutritive additives 98% betaine hcl feed grade CAS 590-46-5 Feed Betaine Hydrochloride 96% Benefits Animal Feed CAS 590-46-5 poultry feed additives products Betaine Hcl feed additives for livestock swine Betaine Hcl feed additives livestock swine Betaine Hcl feed additives animal nutrition Livestock Betaine Hcl feed grade 98% 

Betaine Anhydrous

Food additives - Betaine Anhydrous Betaine Anhydrous 96% -Feed additives Betaine Anhydrous 98% - Feed additives Feed Grade CAS 107-43-7 Cystadane Animal Feed Betaine Anhydrous- Livestcok feed additives Betaine Anhydrous Animal Feed Additive Livestock Nutrition Feed Additives Betaine Anhydrous Cystadane CAS 107-43-7 98% Betaine Anhydrous Effectiveness Animal feed anhydrous betaine CAS107-43-7 poultry feed white powder animal feed 107-43-7 betaine anhydrous benefits 70% 98% 95% feed additive grain betaine anhydrous High Purity Betaine Anhydrous Farm Animal Feed Additives Additive CAS 107-43-7 Food Grade Betaine Anhydrous Pharmaceutical Grade 98% Betaine Anhydrous CAS No 107-43-7 Livestock Feeds CAS107-43-7 Chicken Feed betaine Animal feed poultry feed anhydrous betaine 107-43-7 Betaine Anhydrous With Anti-Cake Agent White Powder Trimethylglycine (TMG) - Vitamins & Supplements Animal feed betaine anhydrous benefits Cas107-43-7 feed grade betaine anhydrous trimethylglycine 

Aquatic Attractant

DMT (Dimethylthetin)

High quality aquatic attractant 98% DMT feed additives CAS:4727-41-7 attractant fish feed additive DMT premix DMT powder aquatic feed additive as fish premix Aquatic feed additives dimethylthetin 98% DMT Feed Grade DMTpowder 98.0% CAS:4727-41-7 DMPT DMT feed additive for fish feed admixture Dimethylthetin CAS:4727-41-7 DMT Powder For Fish Fish premix DMT powder aquatic feed additive Freshwater Bait powder DMT Dimethylthetin-feed additives Attractant fish feed additive DMT premix CAS4727-41-7 Dimethylthetin CAS NO.4727-41-7 Aquatic feedstuff DMT DMT Powder Dimethyl Beta Propiothetin 4337-33-1 S S-Dimethylthetin DMT Sulfobetaine Additives Dimethylthetin Aquatic Attractant 

DMPT (Dimethylpropiothetin)

DMPT 98% Dimethylpropiothetin 4337-33-1 Aquatic attractant DMPT Dimethlpropiothetin) Best attractant for Shrimp Crab Fish--DMPT Dimethyl-Beta-Propiothetin powder DMPT 98% 

TMAO(Aquatic Additives)

Aquatic feed 98% TMAO aquatic attractant Aquatic feed TMAO 6237-93-8 Trimethlylamine Oxide Dihydrate - TMAO 98% High Purity Aquatic Attractant Fish Bait TMAO Trimethylamine N-oxide dihydrate CAS Number: 62637-93-8 98% Aquatic Attractant Trimethylamine Oxide (TMAO) Benefit Buy Feed grade Trimethylamine N-oxide dihydrate TMAO 99% Aquatical feed additives for Fish shrimp crab Aquatical feed additives TMAO for Fish shrimp Trimethylamine-n-oxide Dihydrate Aquatic feed TMAO 98% trimethylamine N-oxide dihydrate CAS 62637-93-8 Freshwater fish growth feed additive TMAO CAS62637-93-8 TMAO trimethylamine N-oxide dihydrate 98% powder 

ALLICIN Powder 25%

Allicin Powder 25% 20% 10% Attractant activity Aquatic animal attractant Garlicin /allicin /garlic powder Hot Sale Garlic Allicin 25% for Chicken Farm Anti-Microbial Allicin 15% 25% allicin powder feed grade Attractant 25% Garlicin For Anti-Microbial Attractant Feed Grade Bulk Garlic Allicin Powder 25% Promoting Animal growth additives garlic/allicin powder Alibaba Feed-grade Allicin Garlicin 25% Powder for Animals Allicin Garlicin 25% Feed Grade Antibiotic Premix 

Garlic Powder 25%

Garlicin powder 25% Sterilization 

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