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Night food can be fed from the pigs 35 days old. Due to the small stomach volume and fast emptying of the piglets, gastric juice secretion is twice as fast during the night than in the daytime. Therefore, in addition to feeding 3 times during the day, it is advisable to feed 1 time after 10 o'clock at night so that the pigs can gain more than 10%. . Finishing pigs: In addition to feeding pigs during the day, they can be fed at 1 o'clock at night to ensure that the pigs get enough nutrients, increase the fattening rate by more than 20%, and shorten the feeding period by 15 days to 20 days.


Not only do the cows have to feed more in the evening, but they also have to feed a slot at night, which can be arranged at zero hours at night. Because cows are ruminants, their ability to digest is extremely strong. Adding night food can enhance their body's ability to resist cold, and it is quiet at night, which is beneficial for cattle to rest, ruminate, digest and absorb after eating hay.


Horses grazing slowly, feeding night food can ensure that horses have enough time to feed, improve the sensation of 20%. Night food can account for 30% to 50% of the daily feed.


Rabbits have a habit of staying up late, should be fed night food, try to make it rest during the day, the amount of night feeding can account for 75% of the daily feed. Therefore, feeding rabbits should be based on nighttime, so that rabbits can grow fast, have good sensation, and have a high survival rate.

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